More fans at the Twilight Saga Eclipse fan party at Hovet, Stockholm - part2

Meet the fans of the Twilight Saga and see the action at the ECLIPSE Fan Party. ECLIPSE Fan Party massive overdose, get the vibe at! We gonna publish til we're drop, a lot more fans is coming your way.


Contact the people in the film by clicking the links below

  • Alice O'Connor
  • Minna Axelsson ...
  • Lovisa Hellners
  • Amanda Sonesson
  • Frida Helldein
  • Sofia Helldein
  • Izabella Sjödin
  • Amanda Wanke
  • Lisa Rönnqvist
  • Tille Bøthun
  • Kylie Blattman
  • Daniel Daniel
  • Emilia Berglind
  • Filippa Månlilja


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