Twilight New Moon Gala Sthlm Part3

See the gala in Stockholm Sweden before the Twilight Marathon double screening at Volvo Showroom. And meet the fans of the Saga, and click the links below the videoplayer to send them a message, or make them your buddies.


Contact the people in the film by clicking the links below

  • Josefina Magnusson
  • Dag Löf Makuch
  • Amanda Musambote
  • Anonymous
  • Viktor Rzadek
  • Jessica Kepka
  • Elin Wikstrand
  • Emelie Irewald
  • Jonah Nilsson
  • Elin Forsmark
  • Jack Mittleman
  • P. Grön
  • Stella Scocco
  • Isabel Cantos
  • Eddie Endre

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hahaha.. nice looking.. or? :D

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