New moon FAN PARTY london

Meet 16 "crazy about New Moon" fans from the rails at the amazing fan party in London, UK. Coming from all around the world just to meet'n greet with the cast and others, we got some really nice interviews here, so watch, click and get new friends whos as into the Saga as YOU.


Contact the people in the film by clicking the links below

  • Sarah Heary
  • Casey Davoren
  • Katie Oldfield
  • Katie Byford
  • Emily Stone
  • Sophie Fresson
  • Olivia Foster
  • MaryAnn Bjordal
  • Laila Giuffrida
  • Hanna McIntosh
  • René Allison Ma...
  • Danne Codringto...
  • Natalie Meek
  • Rachel Hockey


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