way out west -08 part 2

The man in the bubble! Check out these people we met, and send them a message. Hipsters, Buglovers(?), indierockers and just music lovers all mixed up in the crowd. LITC loves festivals! Including cool clips from Flaming Lips, they put on a spectacular show as always. Teletubbies on stage, confetti cannons, wicked outfits and - the crowdsurfing bubble man intro.


Contact the people in the film by clicking the links below

  • Tim Winter
  • Frida Hedberg
  • Agnes Kern
  • Isabelle Fugelstad
  • Agnes Björk
  • Oliver Modebrant
  • Michael Natanaelsson
  • Erik Kvarnling
  • Martina
  • Hera Hafsteinsd...
  • Fredrik Källström
  • Caroline Hellgren
  • Markus Rundlöf
  • Joakim Wiik


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